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iPad control of Final Cut Pro® & Adobe Premiere® Pro

CTRL+Console in Action


Keyboards were designed for typing, mice are slow and control surfaces often cost upwards of $3,000. CTRL+Console is a new iOS app that brings the speed and power of control surfaces to everyone by turning the iPad into a gesture and touchscreen interface for your computer running Final Cut Pro™, Adobe Premiere™ or Quicktime™.

The Future of Editing

Keyboards were designed for typing, not editing. CTRL+Console was designed from the ground up to make your creative work easier, bringing familiar tactile control into the modern world.

Ergonomic Design

We are humans, not robots. Our interfaces should be designed around our hands. We've kept this in mind when designing consoles meant to be used day-in and day-out to reduce strain and increase usability.

Gesture System

Keeping our eyes on your footage while maintaining control, is not just nice, but the point of a good interface. This is why we've created an entire gesture system for the most common editing tasks.

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The Consoles

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